Strategic Performance Partners (SPP) helps its financial services clients achieve higher levels of performance. 

SPP accelerates the alignment of business strategy, focus and teamwork to clarify priorities, implementation plans, roles and objectives, and improve both organizational and individual performance.  Customized measurements provide management with the tools to assess progress and actively manage progress. 

Focused on banks and other financial institutions, SPP's management consulting and organizational development engagements are frequently driven by such changes as strategic shifts, mergers and acquisitions, re-defined roles, and the implementation of new business models and practices.  Other engagements are driven by the need to materially improve business performance. 

In a typical assignment, SPP starts with an investigation into the current situation, activities, attitudes and behavior of staff and managers.  Both quantitative and subjective analysis and recommendations focus on actions needed to attain and sustain high performance. 

To augment their in-depth experience and understanding of the banking industry and its evolving best practices, SPP is in regular dialogue with leading banks in the US and internationally.